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Dr. A.C. Fowlkes

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Dr. Karinn Glover Shares Why Health in Her HUE is Important for Black Women

At Health In Her HUE, we're intentionally building a space where Black women and women of color feel affirmed, validated, safe, and, connected with each other and clinicians committed to health equity.

LGBTGIA + Health

Misinformation and homophobia in the time of monkeypox (MPV)

We’re calling out the disproportionate impact of monkeypox (MPV) on...

Let’s Talk About it: Black LGBTQIA+ Health Disparities

In 2021 I had finally gone to my first in-person...

Oral Health

Oral Health
A Long Walk to HealthCare

In 2013, I was a middle school teacher in Baltimore....

Oral Health
Selfies and Smiles: Dispelling Myths About Your Oral Health

Today more than ever, social media has a strong presence...

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